Juan Costantini

Juan is a philosopher and deep thinker at heart who appreciates that the law provides context and argument. Juan’s is passionate in his belief that the law empowers people and gives us tools to get things done. Juan’s focus on international law also expanded out of his being a citizen of the world, having lived and worked in Argentina, South Africa, and the United States. He is fluent in several languages, hence his success in contract drafting, review, and translation.

Prior to joining Kivel & Howard, Juan practiced international, corporate and real estate law in Argentina. He focused on international/cross-border transactions, import/export law, and protection of foreign investments, where he specialized in compliance, indemnification, liability, and limitation issues. He also gained expertise in asset and estate protection, offshore corporations and their set-up, and foreign trusts. Juan also has experience in mediation and dispute resolution in local and international institutions.

Juan has acted as the Legal Affairs and Political Relations Attaché for the Embassy of the Republic Panama in South Africa; has taught at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina; and worked for the Oregon Bar Association and the Oregon Department of Justice.

Juan obtained his Juris Doctor and LL.M. degrees from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.